Jan at the Fringe


 Jan Thorp  is a music educator and researcher with a passion for Sydney, its cultural history and its music. Her passion has developed into a project to bring the culture of Sydney from 100 years ago alive for modern people by re-creating the silent film shows of that era.  She has lived in Sydney all her life and through her many musical contacts she has been able to find superb professional musician friends who could help to bring her dream alive.  These musicians have brought their own special talents and knowledge to the project which has allowed Jan to research more deeply into how this show could be developed. As she says,  “I knew the show was really talking to modern Sydneysiders when people started to come great distances to see the shows”.   








Fun at Fairground Follies

Fun at Fairground Follies


  violins Emma Graham

 flute Samantha Joseph, Naomi Robinson

clarinet Eleanor McPhee

 trumpet Freddie Hill, Murray Bishop

 trombone Don Smith

 bass Rod Herbert, Catherine Golden





Phantom of the Opera


 Glenn Amer, Bernard Walz









Foley Artists

Foley with Harold Lloyd

Foley with Harold Lloyd


Eleanor McPhee, Daniel Woo, Jarred Bishop








Screen Artists

Louise Brooks

Rudolph Valentino

Mary Pickford

Lon Chaney

Harold Lloyd

Gloria Swanson

Laurel and Hardy


Mabel Normand  

Charlie Chaplin

Harry Langton

Douglas Fairbanks Jr

Buster Keaton