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Home of the St George Players School of Music. Run by Jan and David Thorp, Players is a non-profit organisation that has been established to give everyone an opportunity to learn an instrument and experience the joy of playing with others in a band, orchestra or ensemble.

The Australian Silent Film Festival will take place across NSW throughout the year. Details of the program and the relevant dates are on the website.          

American site with  extensive information about silent films. This site tries to list those still in existence, the ones that have been remastered and which ones you can buy.  

Internet archive with lots of public domain silents you can download   

Free public domain movies. More silents to download   

The Red Hot Jazz Archive. No movies but thousands of original jazz performances of early jazz up to 1930 – mostly taken from old 78 records. Music of the silent film era. (my favourite site)  

Silents are Golden. Links to other great sites including photos of the silent stars, new DVD releases and much more  

A site devoted to slapstick. Lots of shorts you can watch  

Silent film still archive. Lots of photos  

Golden Silents. Biographies of a lot of the main people of the era