• The Sentimental Bloke 1919

    The Sentimental Bloke 1919

  • The Sheik 1921

    The Sheik 1921

  • Keystone Kops 1913

    Keystone Kops 1913

  • Nosferatu 1921

    Nosferatu 1921

  • Hot Water 1924

    Hot Water 1924

  • A Trip To The Moon 1902

    A Trip To The Moon 1902

  • The Goldrush 1925

    The Goldrush 1925

  • The General 1926

    The General 1926



Welcome to The Moving Picture Show

Long before the modern days of digital movies and surround sound, well over a Hundred years ago, some magical images flickered on a screen to the astonishment of patrons seeing a moving picture for the first time. These first cinema goers were captivated by the wonders of cinema, sitting in their seats in awe of what they had seen for the first time in history and so the birth of modern storytelling began. 

The cinema would fill with people not knowing what to expect. The lights would dim, the screen would fire up and as the images danced up on the screen music would transport them to another world. 

Join us for a night of unforgettable cinema.